Friday, October 05, 2007

birthday feast


happy birthday to AH WEN, KAI KENG, PRIS

hahas.. 3 in 1 celebration at 4 floor last nite.. very enjoyable.. the gatherings.. lols... hope always likdat... haha... tonite dineer with yuhong.. yeahs..

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Friday, September 21, 2007

what's going on??

heex.. my 1st week with escort. very haapy to be in there.. hahas.. good =)

well, this few weeks i am very stress. damn stress!! and tired as well. Had been calling ask them come train for dragon.. many said yes yes ok ok.. till now, no replies of confirmation except few. hais.. and also many things.. our people oso lesser and lesser le.. whatever the reason is, for those who had left. people's says is always around. this is what i noticed, whenever some small things happen, related or not, they intend to go MIA aka missing in action. the point is for what?? dulan this dulan that and from there u left. duno wht the fuck these people thinking. is just like if in NS u dulan ur encik u go awol lor.. haiz.. wheres the WLCS spirit?? where is last time de wlcs?? where where where???

i already give a lot le.. too much le.. everything YS . end up wht?? haiz.. alot pple only TBNA.. figure out wht it mean bah.. and those aeroplane putters.. dowan say dowan.. dun put aeroplane.. contact u all u all put aeroplane.. nv contact say nv contact.. wht u all wan.. some laggy jia lat.. no reply.. duno.. see 1st.. fuck u all lah.. so kang kor for wht.. pple trying put everyone together.. and yet?? haiz.. really enough le.. how i wish i can relax..

whatever it is.. i just have this to say..

慈忠会 加油 !!!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007


FINALLY. finally CD Day is over. Finally i am transferred to full time escort. haha.

If u had read recent papers, u would read about the monkey tree at jurong west.. went to see it few days back.. so real. so crowded.. haha..

so now lion comp is over.. now dragon.. JIA YOU WLCS

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Saturday, September 08, 2007


3rd sept. semis. wasnt very good.. movements jammed at the back.. we gt 8.62.. and so, we were the last 8th to enter the finals.. the rest points were above 9! haha.. however ytd finals. disappointing!!! couldn't kick up, movements jam, nv compelete.. haiyo.. we gt 7.13. lols.. nvm.. we still have thai comp, next year, and also coming dragon comp!!!

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Monday, September 03, 2007

competition week

today semi finals at taka.. hope we can be final top 3.. haha... ytd chu shi.. at yishun.. quite fun lors.. than chu shop oso.. haha.. then someone play pattern.. dun wan comp. kns.. hate all these nonsense.. whtever... after lion comp we chiong for dragon liao.. haha....

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Friday, August 31, 2007


so sorry so long nv update.. haha.. very busy lors.. my tag oso gone liaos.. haha.. my TP.. failed.. haha.. sian lors.. i did OK for the circuit.. but at bukit batok i drive too slow.. lols.. kena deduct damn many points.. argh.. haha.. anyway, next TP at nov.. i goinna pass!!~

these few days busy with chu shi and training.. and also many events in camp.. new intake, active day, learning day, blah blah blah.. so many things sia.. sian.. comin up is CD parade.. sianz...

mon is comp.. good luck swlcscca!!! jia you..

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Thursday, August 09, 2007


wahaha... i'm, back from genting le.. lols.. 1st day went KL.. nt bad.. haha.. played the indoor theme park.. quite fun..
after dat went watch the competition.. oh my goat.. dat bloody old goat.. so daylight kelong.. wu zu so gd, yet he gave his ksk 1st.l. knn.. so many other teams were gd but yet, points so low.. khuan loke 2 falls and 1 mistake, yet deduct 1 fall only.. he really bloody old goat.. haha.. wu zu deserve to be the champ..



happy birthday singapore.. ytd gt observance parade.. lols..

mon my TP test.. good luck to me...

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